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Our Process.

Our brand was born to create an new olfactory experience, because we know how smelling is important to create memories.  

By creating captivating fragrances made from colours, we hope to enable others to visualise scents and change your perception of everyday olfactory experience.

BlEu NouR

Bleu Nour is the future of scent experiences. By taking a holistic approach to scent curation, Bleu Nour's products are created in the belief that our sense of smell has the power to evoke deep emotional responses within us, as much as what we see or hear.


Founded in Paris in 2021, Bleu Nour finds its roots in the city's multi-sensory milieu - We reminisce over the evocative fragrances of L’Officine Universelle Buly, and the fresh ambrosial scents of spring in Montmartre.

 Bleu Nour's scents are informed by the powerful memories these aromas evoke, as is the overarching philosophy of design that sets it apart.


Understanding the potency of multi-sensory experiences is at the core of what we do: inspired by the perceptual phenomenon of synesthesia, Bleu Nour's candles create a seamless synergy between colour and smell to create a profound atmosphere; perfect for recreating a memory, inspiring a feeling or setting a mood.


Our products are currently produced in London with the scents being elaborated in Paris.

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Our founder

Born and Raised in Paris, France, Nour grew up with a heavy influence of Middle East and North African culture. She cultivated a passion for fashion, design, fragrances early on creating fragrances from the age of 15. Nour has a rare gift called  synesthesia, a neurological condition in which information meant to stimulate one of your senses stimulates several. In Nour’s case this means the sight of colour creates an olfactory experience.

The creative direction of the brand has been shaped by her understanding of the importance of strong bold scents alongside an emphasis on the tactile elements of a fragrance.

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Free Shipping In the UK

Free Shipping In the UK

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